This Weeks Specials

June 18th – June 23rd 2018

La Prima = La Picnic! Each week we prepare special entrees well suited to picnicking.  This week we’re introducing Penne with Prosciutto, Cherry Tomatoes and Asiago –
pure paradise for the palate and picnic perfect! Call ahead and we’ll prepare our
specialties – just for you!


Pan Seared, Fresh Water White Fish w/ Roasted Baby Bakers
Beautiful Fresh Water, Canadian White Fish, Delicate and Flaky – Sautéed to
perfection In Olive Oil infused with garlic.

Penne with Prosciutto, Cherry Tomatoes, and Asiago – NEW!
This light and summery pasta toss is all about the play of textures: crispy bits of
prosciutto, Italian squash, and blistered cherry tomatoes. Don’t forget a loaf of our
fresh baked crusty Italian bread!
Roasted Chicken Provencal
Chicken thighs or legs dusted in flour and roasted with shallots, lemons and garlic in a
bath of vermouth and under a shower of herbes de Provence. Best Served with our
Country Ratatouille OR European Garden Salad and a crusty Baguette to soap up all
that delicious Sauce!



Country Ratatouille
Penne w/ Feta and Olives
Mesquite Roasted Turkey and Fontina
Fresh Fruit Salad
Award winning La Prima sandwiches, Fresh baked Crusty Breads, beautiful olives,
cheeses, fresh fruit, luscious desserts, yummy bars and cookies.