This Weeks Specials

November12th – November 17th 2018



Monteprimi Honey Chicken Breast w/ Figs
Our Airline Chicken Breast, sautéed and baked with our own honey, lemon & garlic
glaze! A Savory Bite to satisfy one and all! Enjoy with nutmeg Gnocchi for the
ultimate palate pleaser.
Italian Sausage Lasagna
Our blend of Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano cheeses fill layers with our
savory Red Sauce. Combined with perfect Lasagna pasta and flavor baked. Add a
side of our sautéed Italian Sausage or “Meataballs,” a crisp garden salad and a loaf of
our crusty Italian bread! Ecco come vannofatte le cose in Italia!
Sicilian Steak
Traditional Italian mix that blends to make the perfect bite! Sautee Tenderloin Strips,
Oven roasted Colorful Bell Peppers and Roasted Potatoes – a blend of E.V. Olive Oil
and our house Italian herbs. Add our European Garden Salad. Pure Paradiso for your


Honey Dijon Delight – Pasta Salad
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
Gnocchi with Nutmeg Sauce
Beefy Vegetable & Farro
La Prima Chili
Order a pan for your Hunting Clan! A PAN of LASANGA that is. ½ pan serves 12.
Full pan serves 24. Add a loaf or two of crusty Italian and a nice pot of La Prima Chili
and off they go! AND REMEMBER La Prima can help with your Thanksgiving Feast!
Place orders now until November 19!