This Weeks Specials

April 23rd to April 27th 2018

Spring Can be the start of… a lifestyle choice. Live Better. Cook Less. You can enjoy a gourmet meal and a deliciously slower pace of life with La Prima’s weekly entrees. Just grab and go – heat and relax! Let La Prima prepare your dinner. Save money, save time, eat healthy and “Taste La Differenzi”! Try our NEW ZUPPE this week:  Chicken Florentine with Arborio Rice!

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Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Roasted Garden Vegetables
Slow Roasted, tender and cut to a perfect bite! The garden of beautiful roasted
veggies will create an explosion of color and flavors for your senses. You don't have
to go out and buy the whole cut to get a great meal the way you want it!
4 Cheese Lasagna
This flavorful Lasagna is layered with our blend of Italian Cheeses , our own Red
Sauce to give you a simple, delicious fork full of goodness! Great with our European
Garden Salad and a fresh baked focaccia. Now that's Italian!
Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon
Sautéed lightly to give a tender, flaky perfect bite; and glazed with our Honey–Ginger,
lemon sauce to make a perfect complement to this entree. Try our Panzanella Salad
to complete a satisfying night of dining in the comfort of your own surroundings! Live
with Flavor! Taste La Differenzi!


Honey Dijon Delight
Savory Faro & Mediterranean Veggies
Roasted Chickpea Power Salad


Chicken Florentine with Arborio Rice – NEW!